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Annette Evers

Annette began performing in Camp Rose productions in 1999. Performing brings great personal growth and community into Annette's life.  Her favorite "straight humorous" character parts allow the audience to laugh at the human condition.   A few of the most memorable characters include: the cook in SMALL HOTEL, the maid in ENCHANTED APRIL, the best friend in MIRANDA, the evil wicked witch in SNOW WHITE GOES WEST, the shy unexperienced assistant who becomes experienced in MAME, and the mother in IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY. Characters in more serious plays include Alice in THE LION IN WINTER, a monk in LOST HORIZON, and Mrs. Smith in MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS.  Annette also creates costumes for many of the plays, supporting actors in bringing characters to life on the stage.  When not on stage, Annette is a personal finance consultant, jewelry and fabric art designer, and loves being "Mother" to her "Beasties". MEOW!

Camp Rose Players

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