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Victorian Music Hall


Entertainment includes delightful songs and a magician's slight of hand followed by the melodrama...

Egad, The Woman in White

(Sealed in a Madhouse)

by Tim Kelly

This laugh oriented, old fashioned melodrama is based on Wilkie Collins' classic and it's fast and funny. It features a disreputable (and hilarious) villain who dispatches his adversaries with nefarious ease and even seals his wife in a madhouse to steal her vast fortune! And then there's the mysterious "woman in white" who's escaped from the asylum to seek him out. See what happens when the villain is brought to justice in the capitvating finale.


Performance Schedule
Four consecutive weekends starting May 19, 2017.




Bernie Carpenter


Music Hall singer

Wilkie Bard

Bernie Carpenter returns to Camp Rose in this current production as a member of the Victorian Music Hall singers. He has performed in several comedies and musicals, most recently in the Camp Rose comedy, TOM, DICK AND HARRY. His musicals roles include as Sky Masterson in GUYS AND DOLLS and Luther Billis in SOUTH PACIFIC.

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